Monday, July 6, 2020

How He Loves Us

     Good morning everyone! I hope y'all are doing good! Sorry that it's been so long since I've posted, but summer has been so busy. I just wanted to let you know how much Jesus cares for you, and ultimately....loves you unconditionally, with agape love.

     Jesus loves us infinity. Do you have a family member that you just love so, so, so much? Think of  Jesus. He loves us more. How you ask? He CREATED us. We are made in His image. He died for us.
    Just because you can't see an answer to your prayers, doesn't mean that he has ignored you. He knows what is best for you in the long run. He knows how everything will turn out. He knows how an answer to your prayers will affect you. Wait patiently for a clear answer. He won't let you down.
     How wide, how long, how high, and how deep is the Father's love for us?(Ephesians 3:18) The answer is simple. He loves us infinity. Nothing you could ever do could separate you from the presence of God(Romans 8:39) Not anything. Now isn't that a comforting thought? Next time you feel alone, just dwell on that glorious truth. He will always be there for you, no matter how you've acted, how ashamed you may be, or how lonely you are. You are his child, and he loves you so much!

    And as much as I tried, I could not resist adding some songs;) *grins sheepishly* So here are a few.

How He Loves

Love Has a Name

Reckless Love

Monday, June 22, 2020

A Song to Share

With Lifted Hands by Ryan Stevenson

      Thank you Brooklyne for giving me some inspiration for this post. Definitely go check out her "Narrow Path" post on her blog!
      This song just makes me think of how we should always be following after Jesus, through COVID 19, riots, mistrust, corruption and temptation. This world has a ton of all of these things. I believe temptation is the hardest one to fight. The world can fulfill evil desires and addictions. But if you seek after worldly things, which moths a vermin destroy(Matthew 6:19), we will feel a great void. The only thing that can fill that void is Jesus. If we store up our treasures in heaven, they are truly treasures, because they are eternal. Compared to heaven, this world has nothing to offer, so lift up your hands to Jesus!

Monday, June 15, 2020

Liebster Award

  I have been nominated again! So here goes...and here are the rules

  1)Thank the person who nominated you
  2)Display your award
3)Answer the questions you were asked
4)Nominate 5 other bloggers
5)Ask 6 new questions 
6)Let your nominees know they were nominated 

Caleigh! Thank you so much for nominating me

My answers:

 Are you an extrovert or an introvert?

Extrovert. I love people!

What's the most physical pain you've ever been through?

This one time I thought I had cramps. I threw up on the way to school, so we went back home, and I had extreme abdominal pain for like 2 hours in the bathroom. I have a high pain tolerance, but I was screaming and crying like a baby. So we went to urgent care and it ended up being strep throat...

What is your favorite instrument to listen too?

The guitar

If you could meet any famous person, living or dead, who would it be? Why?

Donald Trump. I love how he is leading our nation in the way that God intended. 

If you could live anywhere, where would you live?

Right here in Minnesota. I would move like 15 minutes away to be able to be closer to my friends, but I love Minnesota.

Is there one food that you refuse to eat?

I will eat pretty much anything, but I won't be happy with cooked carrots or cauliflower.

My questions:
1)Who inspires you the most?
2)Do you play any instruments? If so, which ones?
3)Do you have any siblings? How many?
4)What is your big goal in life?
5)How has Coronavirus and quarantine affected your spiritual walk with Christ? Is it better? worse?
6)What is your favorite dessert?

I nominate:

Sarah Grace in the comments
Rhoda in the comments 
Jovey in the comments
Elate in the comments

Sunday, June 7, 2020

Short Story

  Ok...I think I'm ready to share my Spring Writing contest entry! I would love it if you girls could give me some feedback, and some tips for what could be done better. So if you want to..go shar them in the comments. I would definitely appreciate it! The grand total of the word count is..........3661 words!!!!!!

                                              A Brother's Love
                                                                 By Leah M

     "Andi! Let's get going!" Justin called from the bottom of the staircase. It was May 28th, two short days before Andrea Rose Carter's 13th birthday. It had taken some persuasion, but she had finally convinced Justin the Juan was an honest young man without rash intentions. He just wanted her to see the sand dunes and the beach.
      Loud slamming noises came from Andi's bedroom, "I can't find my..." There was a pause. "Overalls! There they are!" She shoved them in her suitcase along with three of her best dresses, five simple dresses, five blouses that would go under her overalls, and a swimsuit, at which she glanced at with mistrust. She would not be swimming, but Melinda had told her that it was "all the rage. You must let me order it. It'll be grand! If you are going to the beach, you must look the part." And since this was a family event in celebration of Andi's birthday, everyone, including Jenny and even Cory and Jack would be going.
      When Justin had agreed to Andi's pleas to visit the sand dunes, he also thought it would be a good idea to stay at one of the hotels, and only visit Aunt Rebecca, so that Andi could have her freedom at the beach.
      Clattering down the stairs, leaning to one side because of the burden of the heavy suitcase, was beaming with excitement. Justin smiled, especially because father wasn't here, he wanted to make this birthday special. He felt in his vest pocket for the small item that was contained there. His fingertips brushed against it. He hoped she would like it. Dropping her burden at the base of the stairs, Andi threw her arms around her brother. "Thank you! You've no idea how excited I am! This is going to be my best birthday yet!" She pulled away, her blue eyes showing that she meant every word.
       "You're very welcome honey, I just want you to know. You can NOT go to the beach unescorted. You know how unpredictable nature can be." He held her gaze. "Do you understand?"
       Andi shivered at the thought of that awful night when Troy trying to take the kids and her falling into the creek. She nodded. "Yes, Justin." She highly doubted that she would step one foot into that icy water, in spite of the swimsuit.
     "Andrea? You did remember to pack a few suitable dresses for our visits to Rebecca's, didn't you?"
     "Yes ma'am, my best 3." Andi dreaded the moment where she would have to put the tight, scratchy outfits on. She could feel the itchy fabric at the thought. No. She resolved, she would not let the thought of wearing those garments ruin her day. She straightened her shoulders. "Where in the world is Melinda? I thought I was a last minute packer." Glancing up the stairs in impatience, "Melinda! Hurry up! We're going to miss the stagecoach!" She shouted.
     "I'm coming! Go on out to the buggy. I'll be there in a minute. Just one more pin..." her voice faded away.
     That hair. How would Melinda survive on their trip? Dust would penetrate her blonde locks and the constant bumps in the road would surely tousle it. Andi shrugged. As she bolted out the door, she said, "Ok! Be quick about it!" She hefted up her suitcase and ran out, leaving the door open for her mother. Everyone was crowded into the two horse buggy. Mother was right behind her. Climbing in she plopped herself into the back along with Chad, Mitch, and Jenny. Mother stepped up into the front, along with Justin. Their trunks, all besides Andi's, were sent to town before them.
     Mitch eyed the suitcase suspiciously, "Whatcha got in their? Looks mighty full..." He chuckled.
     Andi sighed. "I had to bring enough casual clothes like things to wear with overalls. I also needed to bring clothes that would please Aunt Rebecca."
     Mitch nodded. He winked. "Don't worry, I saw Melinda's bags, she had three times more than you did." He nudged her, "So, what are you looking forward to the most?"
     Andi smiled. "Riding a horse bareback on the waters edge. Just deep enough to give me a nice cool spray. There is no way you will see me go swimming in that, that...deep, freezing water." She shivered at the thought.
     Chad grinned. "You'll definitely see me swimming. And relaxing on the beach. It'll be a good break from ranch work." He smiled slyly. "Thanks for having a birthday little sister."
    Andi rammed her elbow into his ribs, causing Chad to hunch over. She grinned playfully and then pretended to be solemn. "Who said you were invited to the beach? After all, it is MY bithday."
    Chad mocked being hurt, "You're note letting me come? B-b-buuut." He teased, tousling the top of her head he whispered, "I'm glad my favorite sister is turning 13, I hope she has a wonderful week."
     At that Andi was taken aback, she was silent the whole way to the train station. Was she really Chad's favorite sister? Yes, she knew that he loved her, but they never got along, with their frequent fights. Andi's thoughts were brought to an abrupt halt along with the buggy. They were at the livery. Cory and Jack waved with their hats. "Howdy!" Andi shouted. She climbed over Mitch and Jenny, motioning for Jenny to follow. "I'm so excited, a whole week riding horses, relaxing on the beach, and looking for shells. Well, almost a whole week, except my birthday, that we'll be spending at Aunt Rebecca's, along with a couple other visits to her."
     Jenny nodded, "Oh Andi! I'm just so happy I could, I could...well....I could shout!" The last word did just that. She giggled and covered her mouth.
      Andi shook her head in amusement, "You better not do anything like that in front of Aunt Rebecca, or..." Andi stopped, Jenny would get the point. She grabbed her suitcase out of the buggy and started walking towards the train station, the rest of the family had gotten a head start. "C'mon, we better catch up." She broke into a jog, the heavy suitcase bumping against her legs with ever step.
      "Here, I'll take that for you." He grabbed the suitcase from her hands, pretending that the load weighed a ton, he bent over, "What do you have in here? A person?" His eyes twinkled in fun. He straightened up and bolted. "Last one to the train station is a rotten egg!"


     Andi awoke to someone stroking her hair, her eyes adjusted to the afternoon light that shone into the slowing train. Mitch looked down on her with a smile, "We're almost in San Fransisco." He stated. "Are you excited?"
    Andi lifted her head off of Mitch's lap, where she had fallen asleep early in their departure. "Sure am!" She stretched out her arms, yawning, "How long was I sleeping for? I don't remember much of the ride besides just leaving Fresno."
     Mitch chuckled, "That's because you fell asleep 20 minutes after we left, hopefully you're good and rested for this afternoon!"
      She smiled, "Definitely." This was the first day she would get to ride a fast horse, bareback, along the shore of the great Pacific Ocean. She was giddy with excitement. The slowing train approached the depot, and stopped. Andi stood up at Mitch's signal, she could see her mother making her way to the exit. They wove their way through the crowd, shouting a hurried "excuse me" or a "sorry" behind their shoulders. Cory, Jack and Jenny were close behind.
       "Children! Please! Watch where you are going!" An elderly woman lectured near the door. She had one hand on her hip and a small hand bag in the other. She did not look happy.
         Andi curtsied, doing her best in the small space. "I am so sorry ma'am," she smiled sweetly. "We were just trying to catch up with my mother. Now would you please excuse me?" Her mother hadn't brought her up properly without a good reason. Curtsying and smiling did wonders. The woman's face softened.
        "Oh! My! Of course! You must forgive me, I sometimes overstep my boundaries. Please forgive me. I must ask you a question though. Have you seen the Carter's? Their aunt sent me to take you to your hotel."
        Andi glanced at Mitch, who took the hint. Tipping his hat, he said "Ma'am, we are the Carter's, but you really didn't have to go through the trouble." He looked at Andi, "Go run ahead and get the rest of the family to stop, I'll catch up."
         She nodded, "C'mon Jenny! Cory, Jack, let's go get everyone." The dashed off and jumped down from the train.
         Cory pointed, "There they are!" Sure enough, Chad, Justin, Melinda, and Elizabeth sat on a bench in the shade, waiting fir the rest of the family.
        Andi motioned them over. Once they were closer, she started walking back towards the train, where she could see Mitch and the hotel lady talking. She informed them on who she was, and they all followed her.
       "The buggy that was sent for us is just over there," nodding towards a large carriage. "We can go to the hotel, unpack, get a bite to eat, and then head to the beach!" He winked at Andi. Andi smiled back. She was glad. Their luggage was already on its way to the hotel, and would be waiting for them once they arrived. As the Carter family settled into the buggy, Andi realized how truly blessed she was.


     Andi paced on the sandy shore, the sun shone on her tan face. She squinted into the distance. Seeing nothing, she turned to her brothers, along with Jenny, Cory, and Jack. Mrs. Carter and Melinda had stayed behind, insisting that they needed to rest. "Where on earth could he be? It's been hours!"
      Justin pulled out his pocket watch, smiling as he read the time, "No, it's only been twenty minutes." He chuckled, "Give him some time."
      Andi sighed in resignation, plopping down in the sand, she started to examine the cluster of rocks and shells that had washed up. She picked up a large rock, about the size of a horse's hoof. Motioning everyone to come and see, she held it out. "What is this? It has so many lines in it!"
       Jenny snatched it out of her hand, "Oh, ANDI! It's a beaut. I've never seen an agate this big, and trust me, I've seen my share of them in Washington." She waved the boys to take a look.
       Cory grabbed the stone, examining it, he shrugged. "I've seen one double the size in a picture once." He grinned, "Hey Andi, I'll trade you this," he held up the rock, "for my toad and my peashooter." He winked, "I'll even throw in a few arrowheads."
       "She's not DUMB Cory, we all know that she could get some money for it." Jack chimed. Cory's response was a jab in the ribs.
       "Thank you Jack, but I don't think I could sell it," she took the agate from Cory, admiring it. "It's too pretty!"
       Justin walked over, Juan Carlos right behind him. Their attention was drawn to the object that Andi held. Justin let out a low whistle, "I haven't seen an agate so big in my life!" His eyes were excited. Andi glanced at him with bliss, even her eldest, most mature brother was getting excited about her find. She grinned, but soon remembered her manners.
       "Oh, Juan! Thank you so much for spending the week with us! Thus is the best birthday present I could ever have!" She handed the rock over to Justin, who turned it over in awe. Andi gave Juan a quick hug. She swiped her arm across the group of brothers and friends. "This is everyone besides Mother and Melinda, who decided to rest at the hotel instead of partaking in this great fun," she teased. "Anyway, you've already met Justin, so that is Mitch," she pointed to the youngest Carter brother. "Chad's right there...."

     ".....and that's Jenny." She finished, pointing to her red haired companion.
     "Juan grinned at everyone, tipping his hat to Jenny. "It's a pleasure to meet you, senors. Also a pleasure to meet you senorita," looking at Jenny. "Are you ready? The horses are just over the hill."
      Andi turned around, sure enough, right where the sand ended, grass grew up, she could see the eight untacked horses from a distance. The sun hit their coats with a golden shine as they grazed. She was ecstatic, "Let's go!" She grabbed Jenny's arm and trotted up the incline.
     Jenny pulled away, but still trudged on with her friend, "What's the rush?" She panted. "I just don't get it, swimming in the ocean is much more entertaining than riding a horse along the shore." She sighed. "But it's your birthday..." She said, shrugging.
      Andi chuckled at her cluelessness. Who WOULDN'T want to ride a horse on the shore? Let alone anywhere. "I don't get why you would want to swim in freezing cold water with sharks, and who knows what else." She shivered.
     "I guess we'll never understand some things about each other...but I, your birthday or not, am going for a swim one of the days we're here." She proclaimed.
     "Go ahead, I may wade in with you, but if you want someone to swim with, all you'll get is my brothers." She shrugged innocently. "Race you there!" She shouted, and put on a burst of speed.


     Andi closed her eyes and sighed, she was finally on the back of a fast horse, free to gallop along the shore. "Let's go!" She shouted impatiently. "We don't have all day."
     "Actually, we do. We don't have to leave until dark." He pointed to the right. "See that restaurant? When it's supper time, we'll go there, fill up, and we'll have another two hours before we need to go." He smiled. "That was going to be another surprise, but, you seemed to be getting all riled up, so I didn't think it'd hurt to tell you. We knew that once you got here, you'd never want to leave."
      Andi slipped off the horse and threw her arms around her brother. "Oh! Thank you!" She kissed his cheek. Releasing him, she mounted the horse again, the dappled stallion nickered, already attached to his young rider. "Now, there's not a moment to lose. C'mon!"
     Everyone laughed at Andi's excitement. Quickly, everyone mounted up, and followed her down the incline that led to the shore.


     "Ah, now this is what I call a ride." Andi said to Mitch, who was the last one left, everyone else had gotten tired, and they went back to the hotel. She sighed inwardly, she really did have a great brother. He would always be there for her, letting her have her last hour of daylight.
      Mitch chirruped to his mount, so that he was nose to nose with Andi's. He gave a lopsided grin, his blue eyes twinkled. "Wanna race?" He asked mischievously.
      Andi grinned, "Yes! Let's go!"
      "Ok, on your mark, get set......go!" Both horses set off galloping. Droplets of water that splashed from the horse's feet now bad them soaked, but it was pure bliss. Not realizing how far the water had receded, the siblings following the waterline, just deep enough to get that cool ocean splash. Not until Mitch's mount started acting skittish did they realize they needed to get back to shore, and fast. "Andi! Go to the top of the incline! Now!" His horse bolted, taking him to safety, not letting Mitch have the chance. The waves carried his words away as he retreated from the danger. There was nothing he could do besides look back at his terrified sister. "Please Jesus, help me to get another horse, and get there on time."


     Andi gasped as cold water came up to her waist. She looked around, Mitch's horse had bolted, and he had disappeared over the hill. She frantically tried to guide her mount to the shore, but the confused horse only swam further into the depths. Suddenly, he turned back towards the shore. Rearing as his hooves touch the bottom, Andi's legs slipped from their position gripping his sides. She could feel herself flying, and a shocking chill hit her like a rock. She plunged into the water.


     Finally slowing the horse down, Mitch heard hoof beats behind him. "Andi, thank goodness yo..." He stopped as he turned around. It was the dample. Quickly dismounting from the horse he was riding, he hopped up onto the calmer horse. "Get up!" His heart pounded. "Please, please let her be okay." He prayed.


     Andi desperately swam towards the surface, she barely had the time to take a breath before she was thrown into the water, let alone hold it. She finally reached the surface and broke through, the shore was now twenty yards away, and slowly getting further. She struck out towards it, but another wave engulfed her, without giving her a chance to hold her breath. Flailing, Andi surfaced again, this time coughing and sputtering. She gasped for air, and she was again pulled under. The sound of the wave crashing over her muffled her hearing, but for a second she thought she heard Mitch.
     Resurfacing again, and gulped in air. She coughed again, she tried to take a deep breath, but another wave caught her. She breathed in the salt water. Her attempts weakened, but she fought on, finally struggling to catch another breath of fresh air. She popped up, gasping. Before she could hold her breath again she was engulfed by yet another wave. She inhaled the water, which felt so much like fire, burning her throat. She felt it filling her lungs. She panicked, flailing her arms to reach the surface. She needed air, and she need it now. Before yet another wave brought her under, she thought she saw Mitch, but she quickly forgot about that as she started sinking. She gave up, and blackness took over. She felt total peace.


    Mitch saw Andi's head pop up, he was fifteen feet away now. He could see the terror in her eyes, yet they were blank, somehow emotionless. She was giving up. He urged the horse to swim faster. He was five feet away before she went under again. Slipping off of his mount, he grabbed the rope, which he had used for reins. He dove in.
     Opening his eyes under the water, he saw Andi floating near the surface. He desperately swam towards her. Grabbing her around the waist, he jerked her out of the water. She hung limply in his arms. Tears threatened to spill over as Mitch placed her on the horse. He guided it to the shore as quickly as possible. Once he got to dry ground, he lifted Andi off of the horse. Laying her gently in the sand, he turned her on her side, smacking her back. Nothing happened. "Jesus, please, I need your help." He continued to smack her back. Suddenly water trickled out of her pale lips. Mitch paused, but started smacking harder, realizing his technique was working. Andi started gurgling, salt water pouring out at a faster rate. Mitch kept on patting her back until no more water came out. He tried gently shaking her shoulder, "Andi? Andi...please...please wake up." He pleaded.


    Andi opened her eyes, Mitch was shaking her shoulders. Panic covered his handsome face. She stared at him blankly, unable to speak. Her throat burned, her lungs were on fire, but how would she tell him that she was all right? He looked so afraid. When he saw her open her eyes, his tears spilled over. He grinned despite his concern. "You had me scared there for a second sis! Are you okay?"
     She nodded her head, and smile weakly. She reached out her hand and placed it on his.
     Concern clouded his face once again, "Can you talk?" He held her hand.
     She shook her head, no, she could not talk. She could scarcely breath. I wave of exhaustion and dizziness swept over her, and her eyes fluttered shut.


    Andi felt the warmth of a mountain of covers on top of her. She opened her eyes. She was in one of Aunt Rebecca's guest rooms. Mitch sat in a rocking chair in the corner, his hat covering his eyes, and an arm draped over his chest. She smiled. Her attention was brought to a middle aged man staring out the window. And cleared her throat. "Sir?" She inquired.
    The man spun around, relief flooded his face. "Young lady, did you ever give your family a scare, especially that young man," he gestured to Mitch, who was stirred. He grunted and sat up. He stared for a couple of seconds, but he propelled himself out of the chair at the sight of Andi awake.
     "Happy birthday little sister!" He hugged her, running his fingers through her dark hair. You didn't wake up since you were laying on the beach, that was two days ago. I prayed and prayed, and my prayers were finally answered. I love you so much Andi, don't you ever forget that." He grinned, "we had high hopes, and the women made you chicken dinner for your birthday dinner tonight."
     Andi sighed, "Boy, am I sure grateful for you." She hugged him. "I love you too! Having a brother like you is the best birthday gift I cauldron ever ask for." There isn't anything much better than a brother's love.


Saturday, June 6, 2020

Q & A Pt. 4

   Hey girls! This is the last part of my answers to Q and A! It was so fun to answer them, thank you all for participating. Today's questions were asked by here are the answers! Thank you so much!

What is the weirdest/craziest national holiday you've heard of? was something along the lines of not having any dirty dishes on the sink.

What is your favorite type of candy?
I pretty much love any candy I can find. I like Sour Patch Kids and Skittles if I had to choose.

Are you an early bird or a night owl?
Definitely a night owl

Would you rather go camping in the woods or next to a beach?
Considering that I live in the woods, I would rather camp next to a beach.

What's the first thing you would do if you won a million dollars?
Tithe at least 10% of it to end sex trafficking.

What's the best way to spend a rainy day?
Watching movies, eating, cooking, crafts, playing games, and so many more...

What is your favorite dessert?
Ice cream! Yum *smacks lips* I love dessert in general though:)

What's the best ice cream topping/combination?
Well..I like a lot of different things:
~Chocolate and strawberry syrup
~Tons more that I forgot

What is your favorite season? Why?
Summer. Because there is no school, and I can stay later at youth group, and do do much more.

Rhoda's assumptions:
You are usually pretty organized
I would say...yes. I'm not when I gave a lazy day

You are confused by this assumption

You like swimming
Although I'm not very good at it, yes, I love swimming.

You like hiking
We go up north every year and hike. I just don't like anything over like 3 miles without a break.

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Q & A Answers Pt. 3

   Today we have Jovey's questions! They certainly got me to thinking!

What is your favorite movie/tv show?
When Calls the Heart

What is one thing you would never do?
Hmmm. I would NEVER let a snake crawl on me. I have touched one once, but never again.

What's your favorite Bible verse?
I can't really narrow it down, but I love Psalms 91

Do you ever plan on writing a book and publishing it?
Yep. I'm writing one right now.

What is your favorite memory ever?
Going to California with my mom. Or any trip with my mom.

What's your favorite animal?

Lilly's assumptions
You don't like to bake
So sorry, but that is incorrect. I LOVE to bake. I love doing it, eating it, and seeing people enjoy it. It's like, "I made that!"

You love animals(but who doesn't?)
Yes, I do love animals! I have respect for wild ones, and if they are destroying things, I would take care of it, or have the neighbor do it. Otherwise, animals give me great joy.

You don't like bugs
Nope, not really. I don't have a "phobia", or an overwhelming fear of them, but I definitely don't like them

Monday, June 1, 2020

Liebster Award

Thank you Ellen for starting this!

1) Thank the person who nominated you. Thank you so much Caitlyn!

2)Display your award
3)Answer the questions you were asked

What is your biggest fear?

Snakes. Definitely snakes. *shudder*

Do you want children when you grow up? If so, how many?

Yes! However many God wants me to have.

If you could pick one person, living or dead to meet, who would that person be?

Donald Trump 

If you were stranded in the desert in the middle of summer, and you were allowed to choose 3 items, what would those things be?

Food, water, and a house for shelter.

What is the most revolting thing you have ever eaten?

Cow stomach. It isn't that bad, but it looks disgusting!

If you were stranded in the wilderness with no weapons, would you rather meet a Komodo dragon or a Grizzly Bear?

Probably the Komodo Dragon. We have Black Bear where we live, and they get nasty with their cubs.

    4)Nominate 5 other bloggers, I nominate:

    5) Ask 6 new questions to answer on your blog

What is your favorite dessert?

If you could travel anywhere, where would it be?

What is your favorite thing to do in the summer?

What is your favorite book of the Bible?

Would you rather have a dog, or a horse?

Do you have any pets? If so, how many and what are they?

    6)Let your nominees know that you nominated them. I'm going over to comment on your blogs!

This was so fun! I can't wait to hear your answers to my questions! And if anyone else wants to answer them other than my nominees, feel free to answer them in the comments!